Here at host1203 the LAMP technology stack is used for all new sites and is our long-term platform of choice.  Its wide use across the web and the large number of open-source solutions available make this a sensible choice for the years ahead.


We do not own our environment but use a third-party to provide us with the required resources.  Space on these environments can then be resold as the hosted service for others.

We have signed up to the Reseller option from 5quidhost (  This is a wonderfully scalable service both from the perspective of the underlying environment for us and also in turn for any service we look provide.  This has proven a most reliable service to date.

We are part of their affiliate program, so if you are considering using them as your host, please use this link to go to their site and sign-up.

Domain name registration

Finally we use 123-reg ( for all our domain name needs because they offer the best value and service around.

Solution development

When putting sites together we have the capability to satisfy any requirement by either building bespoke solutions or by using off-the-shelf products (currently we host sites using WordPress and Joomla!) with customisations as required.

We are able to offer advice on the best solution for your requirements or be steered in any direction you desire.