Here at host1203 we offer a full range of services to help you get your website up and running.


We are fully able to help you build your website from scratch.  In doing so we take a pragmatic approach to our recommendations and will always first look to utilising some current software to run your site as this will usually mean that with the minimum of effort the maximum return can be achieved.  If there is no proper fit we will then look into the options for developing a bespoke solution for you.

Third-party solutions

We are experienced with WordPress and Joomla! and are capable of implementing these solutions for a customer.  If desired we are able to customise any such implementations to fit the customer’s needs.  These packages are extremely powerful and their wide use across the internet had also led to a wide range of useful add-ons being developed.  You are very likely to find any requirement you have satisfied by the base product or an add-on.

If these are not to your taste we are always willing to look into other options.

Bespoke developments

As an IT professional, building a solution from scratch is always an exciting prospect.  At host1203 we have the skills and experience to be able to carry out such work, taking it right from the start and gathering your requirements to the final implementation and launch of the site.


If you already have a website and are just looking for somewhere to host it, then we are happy to help.  We have the capabilities of providing you with a fully self-administered web environment with key features such as: a place to host the website; facilities to enable you to upload changes to the site yourself; and email accounts to go with your site domain name.

You are of course limited to running sites that are compatible with our platforms.