Welcome to host1203.co.uk.

host1203 is a service set up to provide a development and hosting platform for small websites.  This website has been put together to showcase this service.

Latest news

Site update

We’ve updated more of the content on the site.  We’ve provided an overview of what host1203 is, a bio for bc1203 and a technology stack overview.  We’ve also added the more mundane but necessary legal stuff like terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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Great Tey Pre-School

Great Tey Pre-School, our first customer, have just relaunched their website.  Ok so not a big redesign change from what we developed before, but we have moved off the old Domino platform which is a significant change for us.  Domino is fantastic, but just too expensive to run for much longer.  Sigh. Anyway, their site […]

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New skin

Finally I got round to applying a proper look and feel to the site.  I have used Magazine Basic, a theme I found some while back and loved the simplicity and cleaness of it all.  There’ll be some updates over the next few weeks as we apply a few tweaks to improve matters.

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sarapreislergallery.co.uk now live(-ish)

After what seemed like weeks of work, sarapreislergallery.co.uk is now live.  Well, sort of, as there’s still content to add and bits to turn on, but it is there nonetheless. Sara Preisler is a good friend and a fantastic jeweller, based in Birmingham.  We’ve talked for many years about sorting out an online presence for […]

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Welcome to host1203.co.uk.  This is the hosting service owned and run by bc1203. Ok, so it all looks a bit sparse at the moment, and very much WordPress out-of-the-box, but this is because this is all new.  It’ll be updated in due course, but to be honest there’s not much to say at the moment. […]

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