About host1203

host1203 is a service set up by bc1203 to provide a development and hosting platform for small websites. The bc1203 brand has been around since 2001 starting with running their personal web sites. Since 2007 bc1203 has  been putting together and hosting websites for friends and family, and initially the one platform was used to fulfill these requirements.  However as the requests for assistance increased there was a desire to build a more professional side to developing and hosting other people’s websites and maintain the independence of bc1203’s own web presence.  So in 2009 the decision was taken to start the host1203 service in order to achieve this separation. Whilst the majority of the sites run under host1203 are those belonging to friends and family, the service is open to others.  Ok so it will not be free, but it will not cost the earth either. Just have a read of the rest of the site, and if you want to do business, get in touch at admin@host1203.co.uk. bc1203