About bc1203

bc1203 is the online brand name for Ben Collins, an IT professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Graduating from Reading University with a First in Computer Science, Ben has worked in IT in both the retail and financial industries thoughout his career.

After starting as a mainframe developer (COBOL, DB2) he switched to working with groupware and other knowledge sharing solutions (Lotus Domino and intranet technologies) before moving onto eCommerce, particularly focusing on the development of content management systems (Liferay, Autonomy TeamSite, Joomla and WordPress) where he continues to work today.

Today, Ben’s particular technology skill set focuses on (for his employer) Liferay and Autonomy TeamSite, XML/XSLT, Perl and the usual web technologies of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.  For his own use he also concentrates on PHP and MySQL.  Ben also has great experience and knowledge of web analytics and search engine optimisation, key skills for any web technologist.

Alongside these technical skills, Ben has a the supporting skills and experience of project management, Agile and scrum, business analysis and architectural design, all of which are essential to any serious IT developer and have been built up from many years in the industry.

Most importantly, Ben has the temperament and foresight required to build solutions that satisfy the best practices of IT – solutions that satisfy the user requirements, are stable, are maintainable and can be enhanced with the minimum of fuss.  His early years of mainframe development and having to look after his systems overnight taught him that simplicity and stability were key at all times.

Finally Ben understands the importance of being able to communicate with others.  Building relationships is almost as important as the end solution in his opinion, and certainly just as rewarding for him.  He understands the value of explaining technical matters to people and not just assuming they will not understand, but also understands that in any explanation jargon and other techno babble is not always welcome.  He also knows the value of a friendly smile or a sociable conversation.

What’s in a name?

So why the name bc1203?  You may already have guessed that the bc part stands for Ben Collins.  1203 is his birthday (the 12th March).  It is as simple as that.